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Masterwood Mw310 17

Masterwood Mw310 17: A WOP Programming System for Woodworking Machines

If you are looking for a way to optimize your woodworking production process, you might want to consider using a WOP programming system. WOP stands for Workpiece Oriented Programming, which means that you can create and edit the work program directly on the graphical representation of the workpiece. This way, you can avoid the tedious and error-prone process of writing code manually or using a CAD system.

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One of the WOP programming systems available in the market is Masterwood Mw310 17, developed by the Italian company Masterwood. Masterwood Mw310 17 is designed to work with Masterwood CNC machining centres, which are advanced woodworking machines that can perform various operations such as drilling, milling, cutting, and profiling. Masterwood Mw310 17 allows you to draw and generate the work program for your CNC machining centre in a simple and intuitive way.

Features of Masterwood Mw310 17

Some of the features of Masterwood Mw310 17 are:

  • Graphic drilling, milling and cutting programming and drilling optimization: You can define the positions, dimensions, and angles of the holes, grooves, and cuts on the workpiece surface. You can also optimize the drilling sequence to minimize tool changes and movements.

  • Performing of parametric profiles and drawings: You can create complex shapes and curves using parameters and formulas. You can also import DXF files that were generated by CAD systems and convert them to ISO programs.

  • Tooling (machine equipment - editing tools): You can manage the tools and accessories of your CNC machining centre, such as spindles, aggregates, clamps, and vacuum suction cups. You can also define the tool paths and speeds for each operation.

  • Graphical macro for simple and complex elaborations: You can create and use macros to automate repetitive tasks and simplify complex operations. You can also access a library of predefined macros for common woodworking applications.

  • Graphical representation of the workpiece surfaces to be processed: You can view the workpiece from different perspectives and zoom in and out to check the details. You can also simulate the machining process and verify the correctness of the program.

  • Multilingual support: You can choose from up to six languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Benefits of Masterwood Mw310 17

Some of the benefits of using Masterwood Mw310 17 are:

  • Increased productivity: You can reduce the programming time and avoid errors by using a graphical interface instead of writing code. You can also optimize the machining process and save material and energy.

  • Improved quality: You can achieve precise and consistent results by using advanced tools and parameters. You can also ensure the accuracy and reliability of your program by using simulation and verification features.

  • Enhanced flexibility: You can adapt to different workpieces and requirements by using parametric profiles and macros. You can also import and export files from different formats and systems.

  • User-friendly interface: You can easily learn and use Masterwood Mw310 17 thanks to its intuitive design and clear instructions. You can also customize the interface according to your preferences and needs.


Masterwood Mw310 17 is a WOP programming system that allows you to create and edit the work program for your Masterwood CNC machining centre in a simple and intuitive way. It offers various features such as graphic programming, parametric profiles, tooling, macros, simulation, verification, multilingual support, etc. It also provides various benefits such as increased productivity, improved quality, enhanced flexibility, user-friendly interface, etc. If you are interested in learning more about Masterwood Mw310 17 or other Masterwood products, you can visit their website or contact them directly.


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