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IT Consulting Courses

Sarathi Consulting offers four types of IT Consulting courses. These courses are designed with less theory and more practical aspects which can help Consultants to start working on a Project after the course. Course for Engineering students is technology-driven with an overview of management aspects, whereas course for B School students is focussed on strategic aspects, business analysis aspects with an overview of technology aspects (decision, performance & price point). Experienced IT professionals aspiring to switch to consulting may choose any course designed for Engineering or Management students. Senior IT professionals including those working on e-Gov Projects can opt for the course with a focus on Strategic aspects (DPR), procurement (RFP), implementation monitoring & O&M aspects of the Project.


Engineering students

Aspiring IT Consultants

This course is for Engineering students who wish to work on a larger canvas of IT consulting. We offer specialization in four areas: Enterprise-wide application, IT Infrastructure, Networking & Security. Project management overview and soft skills needed for Projects shall also be covered in the course.

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