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Download Ultra Viewer Zip

While remote control of a computer is useful in more ways than one, the main draw for downloading UltraViewer is for IT. Before remote tools like UltraViewer, when a computer suffered from a software glitch or malware, it would have to be taken to tech support manually. The process was slow, frustrating, and oftentimes expensive. Those days are thankfully gone:

Download Ultra Viewer zip

A full download is recommended, but users can choose to download the portable zip file of UltraViewer, so the program runs without ever even downloading it. In this case, the file remains the same size but will be lacking certain features. These features are listed in the series of documents, tutorials, and other FAQ also offered for free directly on their website.

UltraViewer is a freeware software designed around remotely controlling desktop computer functions that are linked with the software. It can be used to transfer files, perform fixes, and otherwise control computers from another computer. Ultraviewer can be downloaded for PC.

TeamViewer is very similar to UltraViewer. The two offer the same overall features, but TeamViewer has higher bandwidth than Ultraviewer, reducing lag and increasing performance. However, UltraViewer is less expensive than TeamViewer.

The purpose of this post is to help you look for an alternative software that can work like TeamViewer but is cheaper. Here is the reason why you should choose UltraViewer. UltraViewer is software designed for remote/ control computer access. It is like TeamViewer and has the same function, at a reasonable cost.. It will save you a lot if you choose UltraViewer..You can download UltraViewer here (free for personal use) and click here to see the price table of UltraViewer, you would be surprised about the cost of UltraViewer compare to TeamViewer.

You really cannot call it the best alternative to Teamviewer yet until your program also supports Mac computers.TeamViewer allows remote connections to both Windows and Apple computers.So, maybe you should say you are the best alternative to TeamViewer if one only uses and connects to Windows computers.You are correct that TeamViewer stopped using only the MAC address. They changed it to where it records your Windows-generated Hard Drive ID Number and Windows-generated User Account SID number.

Great program. Some things you guys can add in would make it a whole lot better*The ability to copy/paste between remote computer and main computer*Black out screen, lock screen ect.*More securityIn time I would be willing to pay for this, but please don't overcharge like team-viewer.

great alternative for teamviewer, which I shy away from purchased it because of the very high cost.well, I just tried it for a day.seems like the performance is about 80% of teamviewer.can copy paste between remote and my computer, can send file too from the chat (while teamviewer can send file from remote).problem is, if the connection on remote computer is slow, it frequently disconnect, while on the same connection and remote computer, teamviewer can still connect and stabil.hope u can get the same stabil and speed connection like teamviewer. on that time, I would be willing to pay it, just dont too high like teamviewer. keep up the good work

Dear Plasta,We will add feature to remove wallpapaer soon. Please contact us at and let us know more details like where are you living, so we can increase the network latency problem of our server at that region.The file transfer feature is already available, please press F1 to show the chat panel and drag the file you want to the chat panelWe're still developing the portable version, please come back later to download it.

This app is not a replacement for teamviewer (YET) and that is key, to make it a replacement we need support for mobile devices, windows, apple, android, need an account based login to add all your remote machines to without having to remember ID's, add options to transfer sound, files, etc, this app is good for instant quick support right now but once you have unattended it will make it a little better and once you add all the other above features than it will be a complete teamviewer replacement

Great Software...Just suggestion for your next upgrade (if any) version :- Improve the "lack" time between pc's, 'cause responds the client pc had little more times then using t-viewer- improve connection stabilizer- file transfer abilityHopefully Ultraviewer and DucFabulous team making more great success ..Thank you.-Ipoy-

UltraViewer already have file transfer feature, you can press F1 to show the chat panel and drag file to the chat panel.About the connection stability and speed problem, please contact us at and let us know more details like where are you living, so we can increase the network latency problem of our server at that region.

It's my opinion Teamviewer have priced themselves out of reach of many individuals and small businesses.This represents a glaring gap in the market and a opportunity that Ultraviewer could fill. Your product does need to be free, it just needs to work well and be priced correctly and people will buy and use it.

I finally got the Commercial use for teamviewer and i am limited to 5 min at a timeI was looking for alternative and I can live with Ultraviewer if i could save the ID and add a name beside it.Now i have to keep a notepad open with the name of my computers and ID.. I just use that to control other laptop in the house so i dont have to get up and help a friend or two when neededI really really would like a way to save the ID/Password when i connectAlso an android version would permit me to play with my computers from my tablet when i am on holiday.Thank you so muchPaul

Hi,Would say that this program has features comparable to Teamviewer.However, I have problems connecting to servers that is hosted by 3rd party hosting companies as they do not have monitors attached to the servers. And connecting to these servers, it will result in blank screen whereby Teamviewer does not have this issue.

the one thing we miss from teamviewer is the abi;lity to disable remote input and black screen on the remote while connected. If only this features can be done with ultraviewer, ill say it the best remote ever

Started using Ultraviewer today as I'm having the usage issue with Teamviewer. I use a Dell laptop with Win 10 Pro to access my Dell desktop with Win 10 Home. They're at opposite ends of the house. Encountered two problems so far. First you can't change the resolution of the screen on the computer you're accessing without an error and secondly it disconnected when I tried to connect Cyberghost on the desktop. Unless there's a setting that needs to be tweaked I didn't encounter these problems with Teamviewer.

Have used, and technically compared both Teamviewer, and Ultraviewer for a few years. As a free product, Ultraviewer seems to get the job done. However, and as of late, there have been a number of times, where after a successful connection to the remote computer; all you see is a blank/white screen. Have successfully used TV to reboot the remote computer, and still the same issue- Ultraviewer returns a white screen. No response as of yet from Ultraviewer on what could be happening??

We are looking for a cost-effective alternative to teamviewer but this product is not currently available. Manually set port, installation required, still no portable version. Windows quicksupport can do more.

If you are an organization using Chocolatey, we want your experience to be fully reliable. Due to the nature of this publicly offered repository, reliability cannot be guaranteed. Packages offered here are subject to distribution rights, which means they may need to reach out further to the internet to the official locations to download files at runtime.

This software is extremely lightweight, taking up only 2 MB of your storage space. At the moment, it works on all editions of Windows OS, although there is no version for Mac or Linux. You could try AnyDesk for multiple OS functionalities.Convenience guaranteed Ultraviewer is a fantastic solution for those working as customer or technical support, and also for people looking for a convenient way to connect to other desktops remotely and work from home. It is incredibly stable, and its features provide a significant level of control. All in all, it's excellent.Advertisement

w2k, not signed as sha1 authenticode certs are not not longer supported and available. ultravnc 1212 encryption plugins bin zip GNU/GPL 2016-10-26 English Windows 727.61 KB 15,390 Download

Mirror Driver Mirror driver ( min OS XP, max win7 X64)Full installer auto download mirror drivers, but if you selected no you can manual install the mirror driver.Mirror driver can only be installed via the console ( no RDP session)Vista > open a cmd "run as admin" and run the install.bat from there ( UAC required)

To decompress the file, you need some simple steps. First download the Winrar program if it is not already on your device, and then you can follow the steps through this article dedicated to the decompression method: How to decompress RAR files

I looked at their website. Its supposedly a Vietnam based company and seems to be about a year old. It claims to be free for both consumer and commercial use. It looks good on the surface but from the screenshots it appears to be literally a layout ripoff of Teamviewer. I suspect legally there is infringement there. Before I download and attempt to use it I was curious if anyone else has had experience with it. I cannot find much info on the internet about it anywhere. One would think a good totally free Teamviewer alternative would have created some sort of buzz by now and had some reviews. Concerned that it could be a security threat once installed. Take a look at the site, even the site is very much a ripoff of Teamviewers The site itself seems safe. 041b061a72


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