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Where To Buy Southerland Mattress BETTER

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where to buy southerland mattress

People who sleep on their side or back may need a more plush mattress. A firm feel is recommended for people who sleep on their stomach or back most of the time. These sleepers shouldn't be on a soft surface, or the back will tend to bow downwards, causing lower back pain.

Do you get hot when you sleep? You may want to look into amattress that offers temperature regulating sleep. Look for a mattress thatallows for optimal airflow through materials like foam and latex. Gel infusedmemory foam can be a perfect solution to keep your body at an optimaltemperature as you sleep.

The Furniture Mall features a large selection of quality living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, and entertainment furniture as well as mattresses, home decor and accessories. The Furniture Mall has a store location in Duluth GA, Kennesaw GA, Chamblee GA. The Furniture Mall serves the surrounding areas of Duluth GA, Kennesaw GA, Chamblee GA. If you're looking for the perfect furniture to suit your needs as well as your lifestyle, stop by The Furniture Mall in Duluth GA, Kennesaw GA, Chamblee GA today!

Southerland's been making top-notch bedding for more than 120 years. Proudly made in the USA, their vast array of mattresses appeal to all types of sleepers. Choose from innerspring, gel memory foam, and hybrid styles at affordable prices.

The Southerland Signature Hybrid collection includes comfort and support foams that provide you with a complete and lasting sleep experience. The crushed foam layers minimize the initial softening and lock in comfort, so the mattresses feel new longer.

Purchase your Southerland mattress at your local Southerland retailer. To find a location nearest you, contact Southerland via email or phone. Prices vary by store but expect to pay around $800 to upwards of $2000 depending on the chosen model and size.

Each retailer sets their own set of financing terms and payment plans. For more information, locate your local Southerland retailer to ask what options they offer to help you purchase your new mattress.

LA Mattresses incredible selection of mattress types, sizes, brands and comfort levels means you'resure to find the perfect mattress for you. Whether you're into a plush or firm feel, a hybrid or memoryfoam comfort, or a twin or California king size, we've got the right bed for you.

If, after sleeping on any new mattress for the required 30 nights minimum (to allow time for your body to adjust to a new mattress), you are not satisfied with the mattress, it may be exchanged for up to 120 nights after delivery. This is a one-time exchange for the same size mattress only, and there are no refunds. You will receive full credit of what you spend on the mattress only towards another mattress in the store. There is a mandatory $100.00 re-delivery and pickup charge for the exchange. Stained, damaged, clearance, floor model, foundations, power bases, are not covered by our exchange policy, all sales are final.

As of December 30, 2015, California State Law requires retailers to collect an$10.50 "recycle fee" on each mattress, box spring, foundation, and base sold. This fee is "per piece" so if your box spring or foundation comes in two pieces, the fee will be charged for each piece.

We have floor model mattresses in all of our showrooms at an affordable price marked down up to 70% sale. Floor models mattresses make great guest beds! If you already have a good mattress and need a decent bed in your guest room, floor models are an ideal solution. The mattress needs to be good enough that you could sleep comfortably on it.

Barry joined Southerland as Chief Financial Officer in 2013 and serves on Southerland's Board of Directors. Barry's previous leadership experience was in the finance and insurance industry where he served as CFO for a publicly traded Insurance Company. He is a CPA with an undergraduate degree in business from Lipscomb University. Barry and his wife Mary live in Brentwood, TN.

for defective workmanship or materials are covered by repairs or replacement at our option. That being stated, we are willing to repair the mattress at our ******** plant. You will have to pay the transportation cost to our plant and

Of course, returning our mattress to the factory for repair would be the warranty option of your choice. It is absolutely the most inconvenient option for the customer and takes absolutely nothing on your part. Except for the factory workers to replace the defective materials provided to them by the company in the first place. It is obvious that you choose to make filing a warranty claim for the customer as inconvenient as possible. With this type of policy you are not ethically fulfilling your warranty obligations. I do have some questions I would like to have answered regarding my mattress warranty:1) How many people can just load up a king size mattress in their car and drive it to the factory for repair? Do you assume your customers own moving trucks?

3) How long does it take to have a mattress repaired? What are we supposed to sleep on while our mattress is being repaired? Do you offer a replacement to your customer in the meantime? None of these matters to a company who doesnt care about their customers.

4) Do you have ANY idea how much it costs your customer to ship a **********************? Heres a quote from Fed-Ex just in case you were wondering: By the way this is the least expensive option available.ARRIVES ON Fri, Jan 27DELIVERED BY3:00 PMFedEx 3Day Freight $1,715.28The cost of shipping a mattress is way MORE than the cost of the original mattress. Oh, and yes, then have it shipped back to our home. Nearly $3,500 in shipping costs to repair a $1,200 mattress. How does this make any sense at all? It doesnt! We know you dont have any control over shipping costs, but you need to consider this before you ask a customer to ship their **********************!It seems your policy is to create the biggest inconvenience possible for your customer so they will not pursue a warranty claim. If your product delivered the quality as your marketing claims and you actually stood behind your product, we would not be having this conversation and perhaps you would have a repeat customer. But as of now, that is not the case, and we are definitely advising our family and friends that this is not the company to purchase any bedding from. Which is highly disappointing because we were excited about purchasing not only a made in *** product, but also one manufactured in our state. Very disappointing how little you value your customers who choose to spend their hard-earned money on your products. Interesting fact, the previous mattress we owned (NOT a Southerland) performed very well for over 20 years without a single issue! The only reason we purchased a new one is because we finally had space for a king-size bed. Unfortunately, it has been a king size disappointment. We wanted to like this mattress and we did for the first 9 months, but the past 23 months have produced nothing but disappointment and too many painful nights sleep. 041b061a72


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