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Ghost Recon Alpha: A Prequel to the Future of War

Ghost Recon Alpha is a short film that serves as a prequel to the video game Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, released in 2012. The film follows a team of elite soldiers, known as Ghosts, who infiltrate a Russian depot and encounter a mysterious enemy. The film was directed by François Alaux and Hervé de Crécy, who won an Academy Award for their animated short Logorama in 2010. The film features stunning visual effects, realistic combat scenes, and a twist ending that sets up the plot of the game.


Plot Summary

The film begins with a news report about a nuclear warhead that was stolen from a Russian base by a rogue general named Kozlov. The Ghosts, led by Ghost Leader, are sent to intercept a trade between Kozlov and an unknown buyer at another Russian base. They use advanced technology, such as cloaking devices, drones, and thermal vision, to sneak past the guards and reach the trade location. There, they discover that the buyer is none other than Major Pyotr Bukharov, the leader of the Bodark, a group of Russian ultranationalists who are the main antagonists of the game. The Ghosts decide to abort the mission and report their findings, but Ghost Leader decides to take out Bukharov and Kozlov anyway. He shoots Bukharov in the head, but Kozlov escapes with the warhead. The Ghosts chase him down and kill him, but not before he activates the warhead. The film ends with a countdown to the explosion and a message that says "To be continued in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier".

Production and Reception

Ghost Recon Alpha was produced by Ubisoft Motion Pictures, the film division of Ubisoft, the developer and publisher of the Ghost Recon video game series. The film was shot in Prague, Czech Republic, with a budget of $10 million. The film used motion capture technology to create realistic animations for the actors and the CGI characters. The film also featured original music composed by Tom Salta, who also composed the music for the game.

The film was released online on May 3, 2012, on YouTube and other platforms. It was also released on DVD and Blu-ray as a bonus feature with the game. The film received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised its action sequences, visual effects, and connection to the game. The film has over 48 million views on YouTube as of September 2021.

Download Links

If you want to watch or download Ghost Recon Alpha in 720p quality, you can use one of the following links:

  • [Microsoft Store]: You can rent or buy the film from Microsoft Store for 0.20 or 1.89 respectively.

  • [IMDb]: You can watch the film for free with ads on IMDb TV.

Please note that these links are provided for informational purposes only. We do not endorse or support any illegal downloading or streaming of copyrighted content.


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