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Jenni established Well-Medica as a premier wellness center and medical spa in Pittsburg that offers patients in and around Pittsburg the same level of care and consideration as those in big cities. Whether you want to reverse the signs of aging or feel better about your weight and self-image, we curate personalized treatment plans just for you. Well-Medica aims to be your lifelong partner in wellness and aesthetic health.


Well-Medica offers a medically-supervised weight loss program that helps you achieve and maintain your ideal weight. We firmly stand against crash/ fad diets and support holistic, sustainable diets that help you maintain your hard-won goals. Your weight loss journey starts with a thorough one-on-one consultation with our medical professionals. Instead of providing a cookie-cutter weight loss plan, we personalize it based on your current weight, expectations, lifestyle factors, biological markers, health conditions, and numerous other factors.

Well-Medica is a state-of-the-art medical spa equipped with cutting-edge laser technologies. We use the innovative Motus platform to perform a wide range of laser treatments, including skin resurfacing, hair removal, and vein treatment. The Motus handheld applicator delivers highly calibrated wavelengths of laser energy into targeted regions on your skin to facilitate collagen production, remove unwanted hair follicles, and dissolve damaged blood vessels and vascular lesions. The results are softer, smoother, and more even-textured skin.

El seguro de salud por medio de AHCCCS ayuda a las personas a cubrir el costo de las visitas al consultorio médico, los exámenes físicos, las vacunas, la atención prenatal, la atención hospitalaria y los medicamentos recetados que necesitan.

  • Physica Medica, European Journal of Medical Physics, publishing with Elsevier from 2007, provides an international forum for research and reviews on the main topics related to the major areas of scientific and professional activities of medical physics: Radiation Therapy

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine

  • Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging and other non-ionising imaging modalities.

The Journal is published by Elsevier on behalf of Associazione Italiana di Fisica Medica and the European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics.These guidelines generally follow the "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals" The complete document appears at

Holiday Inn Inside Medica Sur Complex in Mexico City Located inside of the modern hospital complex Médica Sur, the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Mexico Medica Sur Hotel is the best option for medical tourism and health care.

Not only will you be surrounded by the best medical attention but also different city attractions are conveniently close. Visit the largest university in Latin America, the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM) or explore the Pre-hispanic Archaeological Zone of Cuicuilco, both located a few minutes away. Spend a relaxing day at Perisur shopping mall or fill your day with excitement at the amusement park Six Flags.

In this work, antibacterial activity of finger citron essential oil (FCEO, Citrus medica L. var. sarcodactylis) and its mechanism against food-borne bacteria were evaluated. A total of 28 components in the oil were identified by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, in which limonene (45.36%), γ-terpinene (21.23%), and dodecanoic acid (7.52%) were three main components. For in vitro antibacterial tests, FCEO exhibited moderately antibacterial activity against common food-borne bacteria: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and Micrococcus luteus. It showed a better bactericidal effect on Gram-positive bacteria than Gram-negative. Mechanisms of the antibacterial action were investigated by observing changes of bacteria morphology according to scanning electron microscopy, time-kill analysis, and permeability of cell and membrane integrity. Morphology of tested bacteria was changed and damaged more seriously with increased concentration and exposure time of FCEO. FCEO showed a significant reduction effect on the growth rate of surviving bacteria and lead to lysis of the cell wall, intracellular ingredient leakage, and consequently, cell death.

Physica Medica, European Journal of Medical Physics, publishing with Elsevier from 2007, provides an international forum for research and reviews on the main topics related to the major areas of scientific and professional activities of medical physics:

Acta Biomedica (ActaBiomed) is an international peer-reviewed, open access bi-monthly Journal devoted to disseminate new knowledges on a broad spectrum of medical disciplines and sub-specialities. Topics of Journal interest include, but are not limited to: Aging/Geriatrics, Allergy/Asthma, Arthritis/Rheumatic Disease, Cancer, Coronavirus (COVID-19), Diabetes, Humanities, Oncol Read More Online First .pkp_screen_reader, .cmp_skip_to_content a, .pkp_page_index .journals h2, .pkp_page_index .cmp_announcements h2, .page_register .context_optin .roles legend clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px); position: absolute !important; left: -2000px; .obj_galley_link.restricted:before display: inline-block; font: normal normal normal 14px/1 FontAwesome; font-size: inherit; text-rendering: auto; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale; transform: translate(0, 0); content: "\f023"; color: #9a8891; 2022 - Pros and Cons in General Internal Medicine and GeriatricsDomenico Cucinotta Abstract 0 PDF Downloads 0 Page e2023063

Acta Biomedica (ABM) first and foremost would like to thank all Reviewers who have generously devoted their time and competences to ensure the quality of the research published in each issue of ABM. Thank you to all Authors for their kind co-operation extended during the various stages of processing of the manuscript, the Associate Editors and Editorial Board for their advice and guidance with regard to the manuscripts submitted for publication.

Finally, I would like to thanks the Readers of Acta Biomedica for their interest in the journal and encourage all of them to send us their invaluable feedback and ideas for further improvement of our journal.

Our pharmacist personally attends to each prescription, checking for accuracy, and any potential interactions. We also have a wide selection of nonprescription, over the counter medications and remedies to help you feel your best. We know you have many choices when it comes to where you get your medication, and we are proud to be the premier pharmacy in our area. Stop by or call us at if you have questions about your medications.

Genesis Medica is a recognized Patient-Centered Medical Care Home built on patient-centered care. Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal and his team of compassionate, experienced medical professionals are committed to tailoring their care to your individual needs. We provide immediate care in the communities we serve. Equally important, we promote wellness, striving to minimize the occurrence of illness and moderate the onset of serious medical conditions.

Excerpta Medica has been delivering innovative medical communications for over 70 years. Our driving force is our unwillingness to compromise on quality and our unwavering commitment to our clients. It is a part of our heritage. It is, and always will be, something that distinguished Excerpta Medica from other medical communications agencies.

We have profound expertise in all key therapeutic areas, based on a strong track record with leading brands. Our network of experts and highly education staff ensure that projects are of the highest scientific and medical quality.

We deliver programs that go beyond expectations and that take medical communications to the next level. Leveraging our strong foundations of therapy area expertise, expert network and proven track record we develop programs that help our clients cut through the clutter with an approach unique to each business and project. We utilize one or all of the following areas of expertise to help our clients meet their objectives.

The MEDICA medical-grade pure water system ensures bacterial control and optimal purity, as well as an uninterrupted workflow. Built-in technology provides predictable, low consumable and running costs with the highest water quality. All MEDICA units have a bypass loop which continues to provide compliant water to the analyser in emergency situations.

Volume inlcudes 3 reprints by Ritgin from T.14,P.I of Nova acta physico-medica Academiae Caesareae Leopoldino-Carolinae Naturae Curiosum: "Versuch einer natürlichen Eintheilung der Vögel", "Versuch einer natürlichen Eintheilung der Amphibien",and "Vergleichende betrachtung des starren Gerüstes, welches das Fortpflangzungsgeräthe trägt um Umgießt."

De materia medica (Latin name for the Greek work Περὶ ὕλης ἰατρικῆς, Peri hulēs iatrikēs, both meaning "On Medical Material") is a pharmacopoeia of medicinal plants and the medicines that can be obtained from them. The five-volume work was written between 50 and 70 CE by Pedanius Dioscorides, a Greek physician in the Roman army. It was widely read for more than 1,500 years until supplanted by revised herbals in the Renaissance, making it one of the longest-lasting of all natural history and pharmacology books.


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