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California Drivers License Template Download Free _HOT_

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California Drivers License Template Download Free

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As described in the previous Joint Status Report, there are currently 26 MCPP licensees, 12 of whom are shipping products under the MCPP. In addition to those 26 licensees, there are five companies that have taken advantage of the royalty-free protocol license offered on MSDN.

Since the last Joint Status Report, Microsoft has worked to promote offers for MCPP licensees to receive Technical Account Manager support and to obtain access to Windows source code at no additional charge. To date, five companies have signed up with Microsoft to receive free Technical Account Manager support: ONStor, Vbrick, Unisys, Blue Coat, and BlueLane. In addition, the following five companies have signed up for access to view Windows source code at no additional charge: Hitachi, ONStor, Vbrick, Blue Coat, and BlueLane. Microsoft is in contact with several other MCPP licensees who are considering signing up for one or both of these programs that Microsoft offers to MCPP licensees at no additional cost.

As described in the Plaintiffs' section of this report Microsoft has accelerated the availability of the protocols that will be used in Microsoft's forthcoming Longhorn Server product. Accordingly, MCPP licensees now have been notified of the early availability of new and modified MCPP protocols relating to Longhorn Server, and have been provided with the new license agreement covering these protocols. As part of these communications with licensees, Microsoft also promoted a number of additional forthcoming opportunities for licensees, including free access to Microsoft Interoperability Labs for licensee product testing and "plugfest" events that provide access to Microsoft experts. Microsoft also plans to contact prospective licensees that previously indicated interest in Longhorn protocols to inform them of the availability of the MCPP Longhorn protocols and license agreement and, as noted by the Plaintiffs, is working toward publishing the agreement on the MCPP website on or about September 7, 2006.

In order to allow ClassDojo to provide the Service, you hereby grant to us a limited, non-exclusive, sublicensable (as necessary to perform the Service, including distributing Activities, and providing the Premium Features), worldwide, royalty-free, and transferable (only to a successor) right and license to: 350c69d7ab


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